About us

Bumbles Blankets was started in July of 2015 by myself, Brooke. I have always had a love for sewing and with some help from my family and friends I built up the courage to turn it into more than just a closet love. Within a few weeks I was meeting new people and starting the most exciting journey of my life so far. So the name? your probably wondering where that came from. Well I am a very proud aunty to 5 beautiful boys and one little princess. My niece was my inspiration for my business name. Since a very young age Zarlie (my niece), would carry around one of those wheat teddies, the kind you can heat up in the microwave, only hers was a bee. She would not go anywhere without her 'Bumbles'. At first I was only making blankets, so that made up the second half of the name. Its lovely to have it all nice and close to my heart.

Now about me, I grew up and still live in Bathurst, NSW, Australia, and boy do I love it. I work part-time at the moment and am currently studying my Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood & Primary). This business is my hobby, however I put all of my pride into creating beautiful little gifts for the tiny bundles of joy in your lives.